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Why Isn’t Penile Injection Drug Working?


Hi, my name is Doug I was recently prescribed a penile injection drug by my doctor, it’s Papaverine/Phenolamine 30mg and I’ve tried it four times injecting 1Mg. per time and it has absolutely no effect. Not even a small erection. What would you think the problem might be? Thank you


Hi Doug,

Papaverine belongs to the group of medicines called vasodilators, which when used cause the blood vessels to expand, thereby increasing blood flow and erection.

I’m not aware of your overall health condition and medical history to know why your doctor prescribed the injection, therefore I can’t tell why it didn’t work and what’s the main cause of your ED.
As you might already know, Erectile dysfunction could be due to many underlying causes. For the best treatment option, we need to identify the cause first. It could be due to causes, such as; Anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, alcoholism and smoking tobacco, acute stress disorder,…etc
Making good lifestyle choices is a very important factor along with the medical treatment, which usually started with the use of oral ED medications when needed, if we don’t see desired results, then we can use a vacuum erection device (VED) along with ED medications (Viagra or Cialis before sexual activities). However, if that doesn’t work, we then consider adding a daily low-dose of Viagra or Cialis for at least 12 weeks (it shows some benefits in some cases), if it doesn’t work, we then consider alprostadil pellets, injections (intra-urethral and intra cavernosal prostaglandins) or topical alprostadil, and lastly a penile implant.
There are also other options such as Venous constriction devices, shockwave therapy, but again it all depends on your overall health and any medical conditions you may have, and it should be included as part of a systematic treatment program under the supervision of your doctor and not randomly tried.

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