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Who can I talk to about my erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is an intensely personal problem, so it’s not unusual that most men aren’t too keen on talking openly about it. Losing your erection can make you feel like less of a man, which can be hard to convey to others. But if you don’t open up and talk about your problem with someone, you may find it difficult to shoulder your burden. If you’re looking for someone to talk to about your problem, here are some options.

Your doctor: When discussing your diagnosis with your doctor, express how you’re feeling. Your doctor may be able to put your fears at ease, or offer some insight into how to deal with these feelings.

A therapist: It may be awkward to talk about your bedroom problems with a therapist, but they are there to listen. Talk about how your ED is making you feel, and they can help you to develop methods and solutions for overcoming these feelings.

A close friend: Your friends may be the last people you want to know about your ED, but get past this fear and talk to a close friend. With a friend, you can have a frank, open discussion about what’s causing your ED.

Your significant other: If you’re in a relationship, you aren’t the only person the ED is affecting. If your love life has grown stagnant because of your affliction, talk openly with your partner. Together, you can come up with ideas and strategies to fight your ED and keep the spark in your relationship.

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