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What is the Best Vacuum Device for Erectile Dysfunction?

The Best Vacuum device for Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is common in many men. This problem can be embarrassing to talk about, even to a medical professional. However, many vacuum devices are available to offer daily vacuum therapy for ED. Some of these ED products work better than others, and you must know the best one for your needs before purchasing. 

 A vacuum pump for erectile dysfunction is a device that helps in attaining and keeping an erection. It achieves this by allowing the penis to attain an erection, with a band within the pump aiding in maintaining the erection.

Various Types of Vacuum Devices for Erectile Dysfunction

The vacuum erectile devices are divided into two; manual penis pumps and battery pumps. Most manual devices are available in pharmacies without a prescription requirement. However, most battery pumps require a doctor or urologist’s prescription before you can purchase one. Nonetheless, the battery penis pumps give the best results and include the following devices: 

Encore Deluxe Battery Vacuum Erection System

This pump is flexible as it comes with switching to manual use when the battery dies. Additionally, it has a ring applicator, an Encore-designed ring ejector, as well as lubrication. It also comes with rings of seven different sizes to fit all users. 

Unysen Health Vacuum Erection Device

 This vacuum pump is entirely battery-powered. It comes with the following features: 

 • Lubricating fluid.

 • A battery to run the pump.

 • Polycarbonate tube. 

 Additionally, this device comes with a one-year warranty in addition to a return policy of 30 days. 

How to Use Vacuum Pump for Erectile Dysfunction

 The vacuum pump has four essential components: 

 • A cylinder for placing the penis.

 • A pump whose role is to draw air from the cylinder.

 • A Comfortable air-tight seal. 

 • An elastic band (constriction ring) wrapped around the base of the penis. This band maintains the erection by keeping blood in the penis during sexual activity.

 The use of the device involves the following steps:

 • The initial step is the placement of the penis on the vacuum pump and cylinder. 

 • Then, pump the air out of the cylinder gently. This is necessary to enable the formation of a vacuum. • Once you release the vacuum, detach the pump. The role of the vacuum is to pull blood into the shaft of the penis. Consequently, the penis attains an erection due to the increased blood flow. The retaining band should be slid down the penis once it is erect.

People Who Cannot Use the Vacuum Erectile Device

 Specific individuals are under medical restrictions on not using vacuum constriction devices. This restriction is enforced because they may be at risk of developing other conditions like priapism. Moreover, individuals with congenital bleeding diseases fall under this category. These diseases include blood conditions such as leukemia and sickle cell anemia.

Notable Side Effect of Using the Devices

 The erection resulting from using these devices differs from a natural erection. For instance, there is the tendency of the penis becoming cold with some turning purple, especially during intercourse. This color usually fades away with time.

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