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What causes premature ejaculation?

For men that pride themselves on their ability to last between the sheets, there might not be a scarier combination of words in the English language: Premature ejaculation. This embarrassing sexual issue can pop up unexpectedly, leaving men that could formerly last hours struggling to last a couple minutes. What’s worse, it can affect men of all ages, races, and creeds, and it doesn’t have any warning signs. So while you might never know when it will hit, many men find themselves wondering: “Well, just what exactly causes premature ejaculation?”

While sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction can often develop due to a litany of physical or mental issues, the root cause of premature ejaculation is a little more straightforward: That is, PE is always mental in nature.

It’s true: There isn’t a physical ailment that can cause men to struggle to last in bed. Rather, premature ejaculation is brought on by mental hang-ups.

But what mental hang-ups are causing the PE can definitely vary. Be it depression, guilt, or anxiety, there are a variety of feelings that can cause premature ejaculation to develop.

While developing sexual issues thanks to your feelings might be embarrassing, there is a trade-off: Sine PE is always mental in nature, this makes it easier to overcome.

By working with a mental health professional, you can work to determine the root cause of your ejaculation woes. By determining the feelings that are causing your sexual issues, you can work out how to confront and overcome these feelings.

With work, dedication, and lots of patience, you can beat this mental stumbling block, and get your sex life back on track.

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