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Older Men Who have More Sex Can Have Less ED

The penis is like any other muscle in your body, if you don’t use it, you loose it. This goes for older men as well. If you do not exercise, you will loose muscle tone. The more you exercise, the better the definition is the muscle being exercised. To make muscle stronger, exercising it makes more blood flow to that muscle.

older man sexually active

Listen to this; the major factor in ED (erectile dysfunction) is lack of blood flow to the penis. Most men do not know that this is the major function of Viagra or Cialis, helps blood flow to the penis. Like a muscle, exercise it and you will add blood flow.

Finnish researchers studied almost 1000 men for five years. The age of these men at the beginning of the study was 55 to 75. The research unveiled that the men who were having regular sex at the beginning of the study were much less likely to develop ED at the end of the study. These researchers are encouraging men to be sexually active into their golden years.

In Finland, the University of Tampere’s Dr. Koskimaki and colleagues reported these findings in the American Journal of Medicine.

The report said that men in this age group that had sex less than once a week had two times the risk of getting ED as the men who had sex at least once a week. And compared to the men who were having sex 3 or more times a week, the ones having sex less than once a week were 4 times more likely then the more than 3 times a week group.

Other factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction as well. Heart disease, age, medications, depression, and diabetes are among those factors. But even with those considerations the researchers report that sexual activity was still a major factor.

Want to keep getting up later in life seniors? Just like exercise, sexual activity will help keep it harder. Not only that, but other research shows that sexual activity also helps the heart. Imagine, helping the heart and your erections all in one!

Not only that, what would it do for you psychologically? All you here about in commercials these days is the need for Viagra when you get older. How would you like to be the senior in the park with your friends bragging about how you were doing it with your partner last night? Do you think that would be good for your morale? The answer is clear…

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