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My boyfriend has erectile dysfunction. What should I do?

Relationships and erectile dysfunction can be difficult to balance for two people. You may feel alone when your boyfriend is affected by erectile dysfunction. However, it is estimated more than 30 million men in the U.S. suffer from erectile dysfunction. A question you may ask is can erectile dysfunction ruin a relationship. Following the journey towards understanding erectile dysfunction with your boyfriend will increase the chances of enjoying a healthy relationship in the future.

Do Your Research

The first step towards improving the chances of overcoming erectile dysfunction is research. There are two common reasons why your boyfriend could be affected by erectile dysfunction. These are psychological and physical conditions. Understanding the possible reasons for ED is the first step towards helping him.

Men aged 40 and over are likely to be affected by some form of a physical condition causing their erectile dysfunction. In contrast, physical issues are rare in men younger than 40. The causes of ED are likely to be psychological in younger men. Stress, anger, and other mental problems cause young men to struggle with erectile dysfunction.

The Problem may be Temporary.

Avoiding building up your partner’s erectile dysfunction is a key to making them feel better about themselves. Many problems are temporary and could last for a single day. When your boyfriend is affected by a low libido or an inability to perform, you should try to understand.

Understanding erectile dysfunction can make your boyfriend feel better about what they are going through. Building up the pressure to perform can worsen the problem for your boyfriend. When your boyfriend is struggling to achieve, you can remove the stress by explaining you do not need to have intercourse at that moment.

Remember, it’s Not Your Fault.

Your boyfriend will be feeling pressure and guilt about his erectile dysfunction. You will handle plenty of emotions about the situation, including questioning your attractiveness. It would help if you remembered, the partner of a person affected by erectile dysfunction is rarely to blame for the issue. Learning how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship does not happen overnight. Instead, it would be best if you took some time to come to terms with relationships and erectile dysfunction.

Start the Conversation

The stereotype of a man affected by a medical condition includes an unwillingness to ask for medical help. Spending time at doctor’s appointments with your boyfriend will help him overcome the fear many men have of asking for medical assistance. Start by talking about his erectile dysfunction at home before bringing up the possibility of getting medical help. Learning how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship includes sharing the load of ED.

Change His Diet

The link between heart health and the penis is well-known. Your boyfriend will benefit from a heart-healthy diet when affected by erectile dysfunction. Switching to a heart-healthy diet will not reverse erectile dysfunction, but it has been shown to slow the progression.

Explore Your Options

There are plenty of options for a healthy sex life that does not include your boyfriend performing regularly. Erectile dysfunction pills do work, but these are not foolproof and can be used correctly.

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