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Men Who Are Loved Show Less Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke

Being Loved is Healthy

Reports aimed at a specific topic sometimes reveal other issues never even thought of in a study reported by the DailyMail done in Italy over an eight-year period that tracked almost 1700 men to monitor their health. For most men treated for various levels of erectile dysfunction, the main objective was to look at the risk of stroke or heart disease and relationships.

Here are some of the variables that came to unexpected light; men are less likely to have a heart attack than a partner who finds them attractive. However, the opposite responded for those whose partners found them undesirable. These men who were found less desirable were as likely to have a coronary problem as overweight and smoked, even if they were NOT overweight or didn’t smoke.

Relationships are essential for human beings.

The Italian researchers surmised that your partner’s desire is more than fun, but it also benefits your overall health. They believe close relationships are essential for human beings, that feeling loved has a physical and psychological benefit.

These benefits would make someone we all know, like Michael Douglas, 65, very happy. In a recent interview, his younger wife of nine years Catherine Zeta-Jones, 40, said she remained attracted to Douglas. “He knows what he wants and what life is all about. That impresses me. Michael can also be a real puppy dog. He sends me cries when his kids say something particularly pathetic. I need a man who is sensitive and caring,” she said.

Almost 1700 men were asked for three months whether or not they or their partners had more or less desire to have sex. They had a scoring system to measure the levels of libido.

Several known factors appeared.

The instance of stroke, high blood pressure, or heart disease was higher for those who smoked and were overweight. But the surprise was the results that showed men whose partner had low sexual desire for them had almost three times more likelihood of stroke, cardiovascular problems, or heart attack.

University of Florence Dr. Giovanni Corona summed it up with this statement, “A broken heart is bad for your heart.” Studies showed that organic factors were the reasons behind hypertension or diabetes, but their research is the first to link to actual relationships between people.

Being loved boosts not only our happiness but also our overall health and well-being.

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