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Is There A Permanent Fix To ED?


Hi, my name is Rodney is there any truth to the claim that there is permanent fix to ED and that it was formulated to restore sexual youth and performance helping a man experience intense, blissful and powerful sex life?


Hi Rodney,

This claim can be accurate in some cases and can be misleading in other cases. It simply depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction could be due to many underlying causes. For the best treatment option, we need to identify the cause first. It could be due to causes, such as; anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, alcoholism and smoking tobacco, acute stress disorder,…etc

Some causes can be permanently resolved (e.g. in cases of stress or anxiety) and in such cases, the ED will be fixed. While in other cases the main cause behind the ED can’t be cured (e.g. in cases of diabetes), however, it can be controlled so the ED will be also under control (improved) but not totally fixed.

I hope this answers your question.

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