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Is There a Link Between Varicocele and Ed or Low Libido?


Hi, I’m Darren and I’m 24 years young man except the diseases I will mention below I m perfectly healthy with body mass index of 19 I am suffering from Ed since past two months I also have left sided varicocele of size 4.00 mm and my doctor told me its third grade varicocele and I am also suffering from low sex drive my question to you whether there is any link between varicocele and Ed or low libido? And if yes then get it repaired my varicocele will solve my problems?


Hi Darren,
Yes, there is an association between both varicocele and ED.
Because varicocele (grade 3) is associated with a significant reduction in testicular function with a significant increase in serum levels of FSH and LH, which may cause erectile dysfunction and male infertility.
However, a complete medical assessment and exclusion of any other causes/factors that contribute to ED are needed. The good news is that patients with varicoceles may opt for surgical repair to improve testosterone levels and ejaculate quality. This surgery is called varicocelectomy. Microsurgical varicocelectomy provides a safe and effective approach to varicocele repair with preservation of testicular function, and many patients reported improvements in semen quality and erectile functions as well.

I hope this answers your question.

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