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Is it Possible to do The Shockwave Therapy at home to Help With ED?


Hi, my name is Dick, is it possible to do the shockwave therapy at home or has someone some experiences with shockwave therapy machines for home use? And can you recommend a shockwave device? Shockwave therapy is something like gains wave. its especially useful for vascular erectile dysfunction. Others I don’t know. Maybe.


Hello there,

Generally, we recommend the use of low-intensity shock wave therapy in mild organic erectile dysfunction patients or poor responders to ED medications (Viagra, Cialis,…), because until now research suggests that men with vasculogenic ED are among the most ideal candidates for shock wave therapy and are the ones to see actual results, on the other hand, It did not affect men with severe erectile dysfunction resulting from diabetes or in those who had undergone prostatectomy, cystectomy, or radiation.
There are two types of shock wave machines, one of them can be used at home, but I would recommend class 2, which is used in clinics and under the supervision of the physician because those are the real machines that actually deliver shocks.

I hope this answers your question.

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