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Is it possible to develop erectile dysfunction in your 20’s?

For as long as man has struggled with the ailment, erectile dysfunction has been seen as a problem for the 50-and-over crowd. The general consensus is that erectile issues simply pop up as a man ages, and that the problem only afflicts men grappling with graying hair and aching joints. But the truth is that erectile dysfunction isn’t an issue constrained to any one age group; in fact, this ailment traditionally associated with older men can affect men of all ages. Yes, even the traditionally healthy, sexually active 20-somethings can develop ED, albeit for different reasons then older men.

While it is true that ED is much more common among older men, the root cause of erectile dysfunction is different then the cause of ED in younger age groups. This is because older men tend to develop erectile issues as a result of health problems; i.e., weak heart, clogged arteries, diabetes, etc.

On the other hand, younger men tend to develop erectile problems as a result of mental factors; i.e. stress, anxiety, depression, etc. These feelings then translate into the inability to achieve an erection.

But it isn’t just the brain that causes ED among young men; another cause among sports-inclined men tends to be physical trauma developed while playing sports. As younger men tend to be more active, they also tend to be more prone to injury. If a man incurs damage around his genitals, this can translate into the physical inability to achieve an erection.

So while the causes might not be the same, young men can develop erectile dysfunction just like older men. If you are a man in your 20’s and you struggle to achieve an erection, talk with your doctor and, together, you can fix this issue.

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