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Is erectile dysfunction dangerous?

The occasional missed erection is no reason to panic, right? A night of too much drinking might be to blame, maybe you just aren’t in the mood. But if you continue to find yourself unable to achieve an erection, you’re eventually going to run out of excuses. But even if you have erectile dysfunction, that just means you occasionally have to pop a pill, right? Wrong again.

Erectile dysfunction isn’t just the loss of an erection. It could be a harbinger of severe health complications; a warning sign of something even worse. Erectile dysfunction has been found to be tied to several medical conditions, and could serve as an early warning sign that something is wrong inside you.

If you find you aren’t able to consistently achieve an erection, talk to your doctor. ED has been tied to:

–       Heart disease

–       High blood pressure

–       Prostate cancer

–       Kidney disease

–       Diabetes

While erectile dysfunction may not seem like a serious medical condition, it could be a sign that something is amiss inside you. If you find yourself struggling with ED, speak to your doctor about the possible causes. You could catch something much worse early in it’s development, which could save your life.

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