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I’m hiding something from my significant other, and I have recently found it difficult to achieve an erection. Can keeping a secret contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction?

Relationships are built on trust. And while everyone goes into a relationship with every intention of being open and honest with their partner, occasionally secrets do crop up. It might be something innocent, like concealing a present you purchased for your partner’s birthday, or it might be something more significant, such as money troubles or infidelity. Depending upon the severity of the secret, the guilt over concealing this secret might begin to leak into your day to day life. You might find yourself more anxious, or perhaps you find that don’t enjoy spending time with your partner as much as you used to. In some cases, guilt over a secret can even affect your performance in bed.

The erection is entirely dependent on the brain to function properly. When the process of achieving an erection is working perfectly, the penis alerts the brain when it is time to produce an erection. The brain takes this alert and funnels the blood necessary for an erection to the penis. But when the brain is preoccupied on distracting topics such as guilt, the signals send by the penis for an erection can actually get lost in the shuffle.

Instead or prioritizing functions such as the achieving an erection, your brain could devote power towards worrying about guilt. In works in much of the same way that thinking non-sexual thoughts while trying to avoid orgasm does, but in a more subconscious way; the brain becomes so preoccupied with guilt and shame over the secret, that it misses the cues for sexual activity

If this secret continues to fester and the problem of missed erections is left unchecked, this issue can spiral into reoccurring missed erections, which becomes erectile dysfunction.

So yes, hiding something from your partner actually can affect your ability to achieve an erection. If you are struggling with erectile issues, and you are dealing with hiding something from your significant other, you would be wise to be honest about whatever it is that you are hiding. If you can address your secret and manage to deal with it, your erectile issues should disappear.

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