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I prefer underwear to boxers. Is it true that tight underwear can cause erectile dysfunction?

Underwear versus boxers: The ultimate argument between men. For some men, the tightness of underwear is preferred, while other men tend to favor the loose fit of boxers. But while both varities of undergarments come with their pros and cons, there is one big purported con that has kept thousands of men away from underwear: Legend has it, if you wear tight underwear consistently, you can develop erectile dysfunction.

While this old wives tale has persevered over the years, men seem torn on the truth: Can tight underwear really affect your erectile health?

Here’s the truth: Tight underwear, no matter how tight, has zero bearing on your ability to achieve an erection. The penis is made to be bent and twisted and stored in tight spaces; as a result, wearing undies that happen to bring your member in closer to your body is not ultimately going to affect your erectile chances.

But your sperm count is another matter entirely, and this is where tight underwear can be damaging. Your testicles are made to hang loosely from your body, allowing them to maintain the optimal internal temperature for the creation and sustaining of sperm. When you wear tight underwear, your testicles are brought up close to the body, which causes the internal temperature of the body to affect the internal temperature of the testicles, slowly leading to heat death for your sperm.

That’s not to say that consistently wearing tight underwear will render a man impotent. But it has been found that tight undies can drastically affect sperm count, so it could put your ability to reproduce in jeopardy.

So, if erectile dysfunction is your primary concern, feel free to wear underwear as tight as you want. But if you worry about a dropping sperm count, skip the tightey whities and stick with boxers.

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