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How Does a Doctor Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?

Viagra Question

How does a doctor diagnose erectile dysfunction? What tests are used to determine the severity of the problem?


Although you can probably work with your general practitioner to determine if you are suffering from ED, you might prefer to visit a urologist who specializes in problems affecting your urinary system.

Whichever doctor you choose to consult will probably order both blood and urine tests to see if they indicate anything out of the ordinary, such as an underlying medical condition that can cause erection problems. You may also be asked to conduct an overnight erection test known as a nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) test.

Before retiring for the night, you will place a breakable band (almost like a strip of postage stamps) around the shaft of your flaccid penis. A man normally has three to five erections during the night as he sleeps. If you find a broken band in the morning it would indicate that there is nothing physiologically wrong with the penis.

In such a case, the doctor then can explore the possibility that psychological issues are the cause of your ED symptoms and may refer you for psychological counseling.

However, if the NPT test indicates the presence of a physiological problem, the doctor can investigate further and prescribe a regimen of treatment, which might include taking Viagra or one of the other ED medications.

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