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How do I know if my Husband has Erectile Dysfunction or Is he cheating on me?

We have written endless articles and blog posts about ways men can treat Impotence naturally and physically. Although we never address women in our seats, we thought it might be a good idea to give them some insight into how ED affects men and how they can help.

The last time we wrote about how women can tell if their men have ED was in 2009, let’s update that post and give some more insight.

When it comes to ED, facing the problem can be a difficult situation. Many women tend to jump to conclusions. Even worse, talking about it is a sensitive topic that most men prefer to keep to themselves, which is why most do nothing until they figure out how to handle it.

Some common questions they ask themselves are:

1) Is my husband cheating on me?
2) Does he not find me attractive anymore?
3) Did he lose his sex drive?

If a man has ED, then all of the answers to these questions are NO! It is not that he doesn’t find you attractive or that he is cheating on you, but men do not want to let their wives or partners down and make them feel as if they were the problem. Initially, ED is hard to overcome. Men should contact their doctor right away and find some treatment plan.

Talking to someone, whether it’s their doctor or a friend, is another problem. Men do not like to talk to other men or women about erectile dysfunction, so their wives need to identify it and support him. If you have confirmed that he has ED, then find a way of talking to them about it. Let him know you understand, and you support him in finding a way to fix this.

How can Erectile Dysfunction be treated?

ED treatments in many different ways; hormone treatment, injection therapy (severe cases), and medications like Cialis or Viagra are all great options.

There are even specific exercise programs and natural alternatives that can treat light cases of Impotence. Sexual therapy is also becoming a popular way of eliminating Impotence as well.

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