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How can I prevent premature ejaculation?

Have you recently found that you’re struggling to last in bed? As hard as it can be to admit to yourself, this could mean that you have developed premature ejaculation. This doesn’t mean that your sick or that you should panic; oftentimes, premature ejaculation can develop as a result of a mental hang-up, such as overexcitement or anxiety. What’s important to remember is that it happens.

What’s also important is to figure out a way around it. If left unchecked, you may find yourself craving sex less and less, and your partner may not take this newfound approach to sex well. There are plenty of exercises and creams available on the market that can help a man to last longer, but if you’re interested in an at-home remedy, experts agree that there is a simple way of prolonging your bedroom time.

Masturbate. Yes, while old wives’ tales spread the word that masturbating too much can lead to hairy palms and blindness, the truth is that masturbation could actually help to save your sex life. You see, masturbation can help you to regain control over your ejaculatory reflex. With premature ejaculation, this reflex is essentially on a hair trigger and will be ready to fire at the slightest provocation.

So masturbate around three to five times a week. By doing this, you’ll teach your body to become accustomed to sexual sensitivity and stimulation. To take it step further, try and control your orgasms when masturbating. If you can bring yourself back from the point of no return, lasting longer in bed should be a breeze.

Through masturbation you can get a hold on your self-control. As your body learns to process these feelings and deal with them, you should see your performance time in bed getting better, and you should be back to lasting as long as you want in no time.

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