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How Can I Get An Erection After Treatment For Prostate Cancer?


My name is Mathan and I’m 63 years old. I have undergone the brachy and external (Beam) Radiation Therapy for prostate cancer six months ago. I have lost my erection completely after the treatment. Tried with Viagra (from 50 mg to 100 mg 3 hours before sex ) with no avail. Using the pump is also unsuccessful. The pump I used is ebay available one, not the prescribed. When masturbated without erection a tiny bit of semen seeps through. Can my problem be fixed? Please answer.


Hello Mathan, I’m very sorry to hear that.
First of all, you should know that up to 85% of men receiving External beam radiotherapy or brachytherapy suffer from ED because these treatment methods lead to structural changes in the penile tissue, however early ED rehabilitation after radiotherapy can help restore erectile function. The success of ED rehabilitation depends on a good assessment of overall health condition (other health issues, medications than cause ED, etc…)

The use of a vacuum erection device (VED) along with Viagra or Cialis before sexual activities usually gives the best results. However, if that doesn’t work, we then consider adding a daily low-dose of Viagra or Cialis for at least 12 weeks (it shows some benefits in some cases), if it doesn’t work, we then consider alprostadil pellets, injections or topical alprostadil, and lastly a penile implant. But it’s also very important to include an exercising program, a healthy lifestyle for eating and sleeping, pelvic floor exercises, and Psychosexual therapy.

The ED rehabilitation after radiotherapy is a complete rehabilitation program and it may take longer for some men to see good results. Please discuss with your doctor the next step of treatment, I can’t recommend a certain step for you now because I’m not fully aware of your overall health status. I hope this helps.

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