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Guy’s Does My Boyfriend Find Me Attractive or Is It Just ED?


Hello! I need advice. It is about my boyfriend. We are a relatively new couple and in the beginning, we have very nice experiences in the bed but now occurs some issues and we do it very rarely.

He doesn’t want to speak about it but once he mentioned that recently he doesn’t have an erection on a daily basis like before. He doesn’t get turn on because of me but he has to support the erection with the hand.

May be is good also here to say that he abuse with alcohol almost twice a week. That what I worry the most is that he is not attracted by me any more…

I don’t know if there is a reason to worry or not. I would be happy to hear your opinion.

Thank You


Hello there,
I’m very sorry to hear that.
Apparently, you are healthy, and you have a temporary ED with this partner in particular. It seems you have a psychological problem related to cheating.

That being said, you should know that the vast majority of cases of ED problems we see in our clinics are due to psychological problems and what makes them harder to treat is that many of these patients refuse to believe it’s just a psychological issue.

Also, you should know that watching too much pornography can lead to ED.

The key to dealing with this situation is to identify the cause and to treat it accordingly, in your case, I advise you first to visit your doctor again and make some evaluation tests to exclude any medical/physical causes, and if all tests came up negative then you need to see a psychotherapist to advise you on how to deal with any stress and/or performance anxiety related to the cheating issue, because it’s not just about forgiveness.

I hope this answers your question.

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