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Fake Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Fake ED Drugs are Not worth It

Without stringent copyright laws, China copies most everything and markets it. It is never as good as you get with the original, but it always looks close and is generally a lot cheaper.

Fake’s are often okay when you are talking about iPhones, tools, and knock-off Rolexes. But when it comes to medicines, your very health can be at risk.

Take 33-year-old Zhang Yan (for personal reason’s he did not use his real name) in Changchun. He was never concerned about his sexual performance until he was laughed at because his sexual encounters only lasted 5 to 10 minutes, he told the New Culture Daily Newspaper.

A friend recommended he try Viagra, so he decided to seek out Viagra to protect his self-esteem. Viagra is a prescription-only drug, and he thought it easier and more economical to try counterfeit ones instead, and they just turned out to be promising. He pushed others on the market, too, over three months.

Promising was out the window when he was unable to get an erection of any kind without warning.

Urinary Tract Infection

“I was shocked, and I immediately went to the hospital,” Zhang reported, “and I later found out I had a urinary tract infection, but I almost completely lost my sexual ability because I carelessly took impotence drugs.” The doctor at the hospital said that the counterfeit drugs might have caused the infections.

The people who produce counterfeit Viagra drugs regularly bypass the rules followed by actual pharmaceutical companies and find their way into these fake drugs.

The newspaper visited almost 40 sex shops in the Jilin Province, where Changchun resides. Nearly half of them sold counterfeit Viagra. Some owners claimed they had medicines to keep you erect for 96 hours.

The packages containing these fakes were nearly identical to the packaging Pfizer uses for the natural Viagra. The boxes were even in English, leading to authenticity.

In China, any sex shop selling Viagra should be considered fake. Only hospitals and registered medicine shops can sell the originals with a prescription.

The cost of a fake can be hard to pass up. An actual Viagra pill will cost USD 80. While some fake Viagra pills retail for less than $1.00, one sex shop owner claimed he had the real stuff for $17.30.

Over 50,000 of these counterfeit Viagra’s are sold each year in the Jilin province, which can be a heavy price to pay once you hear of some of the side effects of these fakes.

A man surnamed Wang had taken fake Viagra for over six years and ended up with complete liver and kidney failure.

Yang Daqing, a urologist at the Changchun Liulong Man’s Hospital, was quoted after seeing many cases of men with terrible side effects due to these fake medicines. “A fake Viagra may lead to erectile dysfunction, heart disease, and high blood pressure.” After hearing about the potency of the sex shop’s medicine, he added, “The only thing that could happen after getting an erection for 96 hours is death.”

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