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Exercise and Staying Active Reduces Chances of Getting ED

Reproductive Health Means Staying Fit and Active

Professor Rob McLachlan of the Prince Henry’s Institute has a warning for younger males. “They need to realize today’s 30 years old, overweight, diabetic, and sedentary man in 10 years will be 40 if you start your middle age in less than ideal circumstances it gets no easier.”

Recent studies in Australia show that physical fitness means good overall health and powerful sexual capabilities reconfirms many studies out there. Overall fitness equals a vibrant sex life.

It is crucial for older men worried about sexual performance need to consider exercise. Everything will automatically fall into place, including the libido. Other studies also show other factors related to erectile dysfunction (ED), including depression. But this Australian study only showed the link to ED and lack of fitness.

Bio-Med Central (BMC Public Health) recently published a study that shows strong links between the lack of testosterone and ED with the lack of physical activity.

There are also links between diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lower urinary tract problems, and perceived symptoms of androgen (all-male sex hormones are in a class called androgen, testosterone being the predominant one) deficiency with erectile dysfunction.

Professor McLachlan says the study highlights unhealthy reproductive symptoms with these other health matters. More often than not, ED can be an early warning sign for more severe blood circulatory issues. He went on to quote, “Erectile dysfunction is a canary in a coal mine for other diseases that may not be apparent.”

Exercise and staying active is the first step.

The study suggests that doctors should play a more active role in discussing reproductive health and chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes with men. Staying active is an essential first step into a healthier population. And re-enforce at all times the importance of remaining engaged and maintaining fitness into middle and old age.

The findings from the Australian study where over 6000 men were surveyed and asked more than 90 questions come from a telephone survey in 2003, which involved men over 40 years of age. The questions touched on occupation, sexual health, marital status, education, and general health and lifestyle.

The study results made it impossible to determine the exact amount of exercise to maintain a healthy reproductive system free of erectile dysfunction because the survey was self-reported, says Professor McLachlan. But he says to follow a standard nutritional heart guideline which tends to be a half-hour of rigorous exercise. Something that gets you breathing heavy and makes you sweat.

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