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Erectile Dysfunction Can Mean Trouble In A Relationship and Marriage

Cure ED or Jeopardize Your Relationship?

Even though surveys suggest that a healthy relationship depends on a satisfying sex life, over 55% of men in a current study say that a busy lifestyle causes them to have poor sexual relations with their partner. Almost 65% of women in the same survey have the same issue.

Are Relationships With Frequent Sexual Intercourse Healthy?

This current survey, which Pfizer Asia-Pacific Sexual Health conducted on over 3000 sexually active men and women, concluded that a happy marriage depended on satisfying sex life.

Frequent sexual intercourse is very healthy, both physically and emotionally. But men with erectile dysfunction have trouble getting or maintaining an erection long enough for sex. While quantity is essential for men, and quality is most important for women, both suffer when ED is present.

Men with cardiovascular disease should look into preventative strategies, which could be an essential factor in ED. These could include pharmacological treatments such as Viagra or Cialis and lifestyle changes.

Both Men and Women are affected by ED.

Inability to have sex is not the only problem brought on by erectile dysfunction either. For both women and men, it’s also associated with family life, the role of a partner, romance, and love as well. Also, men with ED are less interested in sex and are less satisfied with sex; they also tend to have an overall negative outlook on life.

Unfortunately, many men still believe that erectile dysfunction is a private matter and not a medically treatable problem. They are also too embarrassed to talk to a medical professional. Doctors everywhere agree though this issue needs the attention brought to light.

In Canada and the US, the issue isn’t as embarrassing as it once was, and the UK and Europe are on the go as well. Other parts of the world need some educating, and their health care professional is there waiting for them.

Erectile Dysfunction is an illness that can be helped or cured, and relationships do not need to suffer because of it. Erectile dysfunction is much simpler to repair than a relationship.

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