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Can yohimbe bark help me overcome my erectile dysfunction?

As long as the world has existed, there have been those that seek out solutions to their ailments naturally. Were you to ask a naturalist for the best way to treat your medical issue, they would surely have a laundry list of roots, plants, and teas to recommend. One of the most commonly suggested natural remedies for erectile dysfunction is that of yohimbe bark, which has been said to be used to treat erectile issues for thousands of years. This bark originates from the yohimbe tree, which is found primarily in western Africa, where locals harvest the bark, grind it up, and sell it as a natural cure for ED.

But can yohimbe really help a man to overcome erectile dysfunction? Well, that depends on how the bark is acquired, really. You see, there are two common methods of acquiring yohimbe: Either via supplements, or by prescription.

Yohimbe supplements tend to play up the aphrodisiac aspect of the bark, and is marketed as both a dietary supplement and a bedroom aid. As it is not, strictly speaking, medicine, the success rate on yohimbe supplements is a mixed bag, and it is not recommended to rely solely on those supplements to overcome your ED.

But prescribed yohimbe is a different story. Yohimbe hydrochloride is a prescription treatment for erectile dysfunction that has existed in one form or another since the early 1930s. Prescription yohimbe isn’t utilized as much these days, what with the rise of Viagra and other erectile aids, but it is still an effective treatment method.

If you are looking to use yohimbe to fight your erectile issues, speak to your doctor about yohimbe hydrochloride and skip the supplements.

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