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Can workout enhancers cause erectile dysfunction?

For men that are serious about their workouts, pumping iron isn’t just a way to get in shape; it’s a way to sculpt the body into a perfect pile of muscle and mass. For these men, working out is all about the pursuit of bigger: Bigger arms, bigger legs, bigger everything. But as the body struggles to reach top physical condition on its own, workout enthusiasts tend to utilize “workout enhancers.” These enhancers, typically sold at gyms and GNC, help in a variety of ways, from serving as a protein enhancer to helping the body to stitch hurt muscles back together faster. But by utilizing these workout enhancers, could men be trading out bigger muscles for less luck achieving an erection?

Well, that depends. Utilizing workout enhancers does not mean the end of your erection. In fact, certain workout enhancers, such as Muscle Milk and other similar protein-heavy drinks, does not present any risk to the body, and can truly help a man with his workout. This is due to the fat that protein drinks simply load a man up with amino acids and similar protein-rich vitamins, which are definitely not harmful to the body, allowing the body to achieve mass quick.

But other workout enhancers, such as the popular “pre-workout enhancer” category of supplements, have been found to lead to issues with the erection. These supplements load the body up with creatine and caffeine, giving the user energy to power through a workout.

But in excess, creatine and caffeine have been found to cause issues with the erection. These stimulants can lead to issues with the heart and with blood flow, causing the penis to struggle to receive the blood necessary to achieve an erection.

So, no, workout enhancers are not a cart blanche guarantee for erectile dysfunction. But be careful what enhancer you end up using; if its one rich in elements such as caffeine and creatine, erectile dysfunction could be right around the corner.

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