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Can tight underwear cause premature ejaculation?

There are two kinds of men in life: Those that swear by boxers, and those that swear by underwear. Men are fiercely loyal to what they put on under their pants, and the difference between the two has sparked many a drunken debate between men over which is better. Sure, boxers are looser and less constricting, but underwear keeps everything situated. While the debate over the superior underwear rages, another underwear conversation refuses to be settled; namely, does wearing tight underwear cause premature ejaculation?

The story goes that men that wear tight underoos are at a higher chance of developing premature ejaculation, while men in boxers stand less of a chance of developing the embarrassing problem thanks to the relaxed fit of their underwear. But this has led to intense debate over the validity of this old wives’ tale; after all, how could tight underwear affect your sexual performance?

Well, it’s time to settle this debate once and for all. To be clear, wearing tight underwear will not put a man at a higher risk of developing premature ejaculation. But that’s not to say that tight underwear can’t affect a man’s sexual performance in other ways.

It has been found that tight underwear can cause infertility, due to the underwear consistently pulling the testicles too close to the body, which causes the heat of the body to slowly “cook” the sperm in the testicles. Testicles are meant to hang away from the body, so constant closeness to the body will have an adverse effect on a man’s sperm count. If a man goes years and years rocking tighty whities, eventually his sperm count could pay the price.

So no, tight underwear will not affect your ability to last in bed. But it just might affect your ability to produce children. As such, either wear less constricting underwear, or make the switch to boxers, and your sperm count should be just fine.

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