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Can Red Wine Be A Future Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Red Wine Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Researchers at Osaka University have isolated Resveratol (a polyphenol found in red wine) to determine whether it could treat erectile dysfunction.

At the moment, the test subjects are rats. These research rats have been induced with diabetes, which is a significant cause of erectile dysfunction. These diabetic rats were then fed a powdered form of Resveratol for four weeks.

Red wine and couple hugging

After the four weeks, the rats were then stimulated to achieve erections; without the Resveratol treatment, rats lost over 95% of their ability to achieve an erection with diabetes. The ones that did take the Resveratol regained 80% of the blood flow back to their erogenous zones. Resveratol helped the rats to produce more Nitrogen Monoxide, which helps widen the blood vessels in the penis, allowing more blood flow.

Testing the treatment on Men

The next step would be to start testing the treatment on humans. The Osaka researchers in Japan already admitted they knew the therapy was a bust on humans that drank the red wine with Resveratol, to get the proper quantity in the system by drinking red wine inhibited the erection factor, due to the alcohol intake, in men whether they had diabetes or not. And who said researchers had no sense of humor? They added women trying to keep up going to sleep.

Don’t put away the Viagra just yet; however, these researchers are nowhere close to clinical stages yet, but there is hope on the horizon.

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