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Can eating too large of a meal cause temporary erectile dysfunction?

As the nation gears of for Thanksgiving, men everywhere are loosening their belts and unbuttoning their pants in anticipation of a large Turkey Day meal. But after the turkey has been devoured and the mashed potatoes have been demolished, many couples might want nothing more than to throw on some sweatpants and take a nap in the recliner. But other couples might feel like working that meal off with some physical activity in the boudoir. But after filling up on stuffing and green beans, could a man be at a higher risk of dealing with temporary erectile dysfunction?

Silly as it might sound, the answer is “Possibly.” The mere act of eating a lot of food won’t affect your ability to achieve an erection; rather, it’s how your mind perceives all of that food that can make the difference.

If you eat to the point of physical discomfort, you might struggle to engage in any strenuous activity. If your brain interprets the fullness in your stomach as a roadblock, it might focus the body on dealing with this pressing issue first, which could theoretically cause erection signals to get lost in the shuffle, leading to a missed erection.

And it gets worse: While many opt to go all out on Thanksgiving, men that consistently eat heavy meals stand a risk to pack on the pounds, which could lead to weight gain-induced erectile issues.

But a day of heavy eating likely won’t be the end of the world for your erection. If you struggle to achieve an erection after your Turkey Day meal, put a pin in your time between the sheets and focus on getting your body comfortable first. Or take it easy on the casserole and rolls this Thanksgiving, and your erection should be a-okay after the meal.

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