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Can eating fatty foods put me at a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction?

It’s a sad fact of life: The higher in fat a food is, the more delicious it tastes. While there are plenty of delicious healthy food options in the world, sometimes a man just wants a big juicy hamburger or a steaming rack of ribs. And while the occasional fatty meal isn’t the end of the world, it’s when these meals become commonplace that you begin to run into trouble. By subsisting on meals high in fats, not only will you begin to see your waist grow, but your sex life might shrink.

Think of the erection as a complicated machine; to work properly, it requires many of components working together. Signals from the penis alert the brain, blood to the penis helps it engorge, spongy tissue in the penis helps the penis to stay engorged. If one of these steps should fail, the erection suddenly becomes impossible. And when you load up on fatty foods, it is the bodies ability to provide blood to the penis that pays the price.

As fatty foods become more prominent in your diet, the harmful fat from your meals will begin to effect your body in adverse ways; in this case, in your arteries. The arteries will become clogged, slowing the flow of blood through the body. When these artery clogging deposits develop, they tend to develop in the smallest arteries first. As the arteries responsible for providing the penis with blood are some of the smallest arteries in the body, these arteries will go first. With clogged arteries, blood will struggle to flow properly, preventing blood from reaching the penis for an erection. As the problem worsens, blood pressure can be affected, worsening the problems of blood flow to the penis.

If the problem persists, it could equate to permanent erectile dysfunction.

Enjoying the occasional high fat meal certainly won’t mean the end of your erection, but a constant stream of fatty foods could spell the death of your sex life. Enjoy fatty foods in moderation, and your erection should have nothing to worry about.

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