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Can drinking too much lead to erectile dysfunction?

Alcohol, like all things in life, is best enjoyed in moderation. While the occasional wild night is a nice way to blow off steam, an overreliance an alcohol can lead to serious health problems down the line.

For men that drink daily or find themselves turning to the bottle regularly, health issues are bound to develop. Research has found that alcoholism can lead to heart disease, liver disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer of the mouth, throat, liver, and colon. While it can be easy to justify a drink every now and again, relying upon alcohol too much can set a man up for serious health problems.

It is these health issues that can in turn lead to further issues within the body, such as erectile dysfunction. Yes, drinking too much won’t just lead to a missed erection after you’ve had one drink too many; it could lead to missing erections permanently.

This is because chronic heavy drinking has been linked to health issues that have been found to lead to erectile dysfunction. Drinking too much can lead to liver damage and nerve damage, both of which have been linked to ED. An overreliance on alcohol can also lead to issues within the brain. When heavy drinking is done regularly, it can lead to abnormalities in the brain, such as disrupting the balance of the male sex hormone levels. When these hormone levels are thrown into flux, the brain will struggle to translate signals of sexual excitement into an erection, leading to missed erections.

Before you go and give up drinking entirely to save your erection, research hasn’t found any link between ED and mild alcohol consumption. But when alcohol begins to take over your life, you’re setting yourself up for plenty of issues down the line. Do yourself a favor and drink in moderation. Your erection will thank you.

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