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Can consuming Yohimbe bark really help with erectile dysfunction?

As long as there has been erectile issues, there have been those that turn to Mother Earth to fight back. Before the rise of erectile drugs, natural solutions such as leaves, roots, and teas were offered by healers that promised to solve men’s erectile woes and make them dynamite in bed. While we now know that natural solutions to ED aren’t foolproof, there are still many that swear by a natural remedy for this age-old problem derived from the bark of a tree. Yes, there are many that claim the bark from the Yohimbe tree is the perfect natural solution for ED.

For a little backstory, the Yohimbe is found primarily in Central Africa. With a full name of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree, healers and shamans have been turning to the bark of the Yohimbe tree for generations, marketing the rough bark as a cure-all for everything from baldness to weight gain. But in recent years, yohimbe has caught on as a supplement for sexual function. The bark of the tree is ground up and sold at health stores around the world, but as marketing yohimbe as a sexual aid is illegal in the United States, it is marketed as a dietary supplement.

“Wait,” you might be saying, “it’s illegal to market yohimbe for sexual aid? Why’s that?” Despite many swearing by the bark, extensive research has found insufficient evidence in yohimbe’s effectiveness at treating erectile dysfunction.

Proponents for the bark point to the yohimbe bark’s ability to open up blood vessels, which assists the body in achieving an erection. But thorough research has not found any connection between the consumption of yohimbe supplements and improved erectile function.

So, despite all the hoopla, yohimbe is not a miracle ED curing natural supplement. If you want to beat ED, it’s best to stick with eating well, staying active, and good, old-fashioned modern medicine.

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