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Are there any exercises I can do to combat erectile dysfunction?

When erectile dysfunction rears its ugly head, men tend to scramble for a solution. Many turn to medication, while others look inwardly for solutions. But for some men, erectile dysfunction is just another issue to be overcome by working out. For these men, there isn’t a body problem that can’t be solved with twenty curls or a solid set of burpees. But can erectile dysfunction really be defeated with exercise? Is there a way to beat ED by working out?

Well yes, but not in the traditional sense. You see, erectile dysfunction isn’t a problem that can be defeated with barbells and pull-ups; rather, if you want to use exercise to overcome your ED, you need to focus on a very specific muscle group: Your pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is the collection of muscles found in the pelvis. This bundle is responsible for controlling urinary flow, the pumping of semen, the achieving of erections, and other penile-based activities. And by toning this muscle group, you can help your body to overcome ED.

This is done by pinpointing your pelvic floor muscles. While peeing, halt the stream. Feel those muscles tightening? Those are the muscles you’re interested in.

After establishing the location of your pelvic floor muscles, lay down and tighten this muscle cluster. Hold it for two seconds, and relax. From there, do 10 reps of these muscle tightens, catch your breath, and then continue to reps in sets of 10 until you feel tired.

By doing this every day, you can eventually tighten and tone this vital muscle group, which can assist your body in achieving an erection.

So, no, there isn’t an exercise set for ED that involves curling or lifting, but this simple muscle targeting exercise could be the way to save your erection.

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