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60 Year Old Hip and Groin Trauma Caused Erectile Dysfunction

The root cause impacts trauma/mechanical damage to my right hip and groin.

This started as a multivehicle car wreck over 10 years ago. Serious damage to my right side pelvis and right side genital muscles and scrotum (seat belt and steering wheel trauma).

Convalescence and home recovery for 7 weeks before I could get back to work. Then, had two corrective surgeries over the years, to repair damages to the groin. Surgeries were only partially successful.

Still, have minor pain and range-of-motion limits. Just have to live with it, adapt to the new circumstances.

Now, I am a 60-year-old white male, 155 pounds, no other medical problems. Other than 81-grain aspirin in the AM, I take no other periodic support meds.

Been using Vardenafil [20 mg] (Prescription on-line order, all I can afford) for over four years as of April. It works like a champ!

I would be happy to share details that I have found that makes Vardenafil work at its best. I have 4+ years of successful use.

And, yes, you have to make some serious changes in your lifestyle to enjoy the best of Vardenafil/Levitra.

My best regards to all. -Sam

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