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57 with Low Libido for Last 4 Years

Hi all, I have very low libido and it is hard to get visually aroused. This has been going on for about 4 years. I have been checked by a urologist, and all was good there.

My last blood test for testosterone was 810, and free testosterone was good too. I took Zoloft for 6 years, stopping about 4 years ago. I am thinking that this caused the low libido, but I guess it could be my age.

As a result, I am having trouble with ED with my girlfriend. She is 48 and expects me to just get hard without any stimulation. So I have relied on the ED meds, but these are not working so good lately.

I was thinking that it is because I went to Generic in order to save some money, but I hear some guys say that generic Viagra worked just fine.

I can get myself hard, so I know that it does work. I am thinking of trying muse. Oh, I did go to a male clinic about a year and half ago, and they gave me an injection.

Wow, it was hard for 4 hours. They then decreased the amount, and this worked good. But it so inconvenient, and would rather not do this. Any suggestions.

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