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30 Year Old Married Man and I Have a Numb Penis


I am 30-year-old married man and I have a numb penis. I have no problem to get a hard penis and I can perform sex with no issues. my problem is that whenever my penis enters, I do not feel anything.


This insensitivity problem you have could be due to nerve root damage, or never compression or inflammation, and in most cases, it disappears after treating the cause.
There are many reasons that could lead to such a problem, for instance, this type of numbness is more common in men who cycle, especially those who ride for long distances.

Also, any disease that damages the nerves can affect the feeling in the penis area, including diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS).

Please see your urologist for evaluation to identify the cause before considering the proper treatment.

The tests you need will depend on what condition the doctor suspects, but they might include: blood tests to check your testosterone levels, and/ or imaging tests such as MRI, to check for problems within the brain or the spinal cord.

I hope this answers your question.

Thanks, Dr. Alsayes

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