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3 Ways of Stopping Psychological Erectile Dysfunction and Performance Anxiety

How Do I Stop Psychological ED and Performance Anxiety?

Psychological problems can count for almost 25 % of erectile dysfunction cases in men under the age of 35. Usually, men in their twenties and thirties are in the prime sexual peak, but not if psychological factors and performance anxiety interfere.

Performance Anxiety 3 Ways of Stopping it

Health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and depression can also cause erectile dysfunction, but in younger men this is not common and psychological problems are the main cause for younger men getting ED.

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Before we show you 3 ways of stopping psychological ED and performance anxiety, let’s explain what they really are and factors that cause them:

Performance Anxiety:

This is a fear of how you are going to perform. It is a common sexual problem and anxiety plays a huge role, causing you to feel fear before engaging in sexual intercourse. The fear of how you are going to perform and what your partner will think of you can lower your self esteem and cause ED to kick in.

How long will I last?
Will she think my penis is small?
Am I doing it right?
What if she tells her friends?
I hope I am getting hard enough!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Stop!!!!!!

Those are all common thoughts that performance anxiety can generate. An awareness of failing to please your partner or getting it up typically produces so much preoccupation and anxiety, that it causes men to loose their erections. This can happen in various episodes and if you do not treat performance anxiety, it can happen every time you want to have sex. You are training your mind to feel fear before intercourse and the key is to reverse this cycle.

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