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25 and Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction with Low Testosterone Levels


Hi, I am 25 and suffering from erectile dysfunction, I have recently learned that I have low levels of testosterone, but the problem is I was told that even TRT wouldn’t help with my erections, so I don’t know what to do so solve this. What do you suggest?



Hi Yad,
The key to dealing with this situation is to identify the cause and to treat it accordingly.

Even if your testosterone levels are low and you have symptoms, TRT is not always the first course of action. Your doctor must identify the source for declining levels first—for instance, weight gain or certain medications—we must first address that problem (and in most cases treating the underlying cause is the best option).

Some of the most common causes include; injury or infection, being on medications for a long time (especially hormones used to treat prostate cancer and corticosteroid drugs), chronic illness, stress, alcoholism, obesity.

I’d suggest you visit a specialist for a check-up to identify the underlying cause of this issue.
I hope this helps.

Dr. Alayes

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