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What supplements can I get at my local chain pharmacy to help with erection health?

Another non-prescription approach many men take to better erection health is the use of supplements on a longer-term basis. Not a lot of scientific study has gone into these supplements, and the fact that they’re “natural” doesn’t mean they’re totally harmless. Some of the more common supplements, available at most pharmacies and big box stores, that men take regularly in pursuit of better erections include:

• Ginkgo biloba – which is said to improve blood flow. It should not be taken by people who take blood thinners like Coumadin due to risk of bleeding problems.

• L-arginine – an amino acid used for building proteins. Like ginkgo biloba, it is purported to improve blood flow, but some people can have dangerous allergic reactions to it.

• Saw palmetto – which is associated with better prostate health, and which has anecdotal, but not scientific evidence about its positive effects on erections.

• DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) – which is a precursor to testosterone, and which decreases with age. It’s not likely to raise testosterone levels enough to make a real difference, however.

• Yohimbine – made from the bark of the African Yohimbe tree, and use as a male aphrodisiac in some African cultures. Though there’s evidence of it working, it also has side effects, and can interact with a number of prescription medications and may be dangerous for people who have liver, kidney, or heart problems.

Though supplements are widely available and easy to obtain, your doctor needs to know which supplements you take regularly, particularly if you also take prescription drugs regularly.

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