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What about the erection pills at the convenience store where I get coffee?

They may have the best hot coffee for the money, but it’s not the best place to get “treatment” for erection problems.

While checking out at your local 7-11 or corner bodega, you have undoubtedly seen products claiming to produce raging erections. Two things: First, your corner convenience store doesn’t have a pharmacist on staff to answer your questions if you have them. Two, many of these products have been seized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because they contain dangerous or unknown ingredients.

You wouldn’t get your hair cut by your mechanic, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get “treatment” for your erection problems at a gas station.

And another note. You can find endless products available online claiming to treat erectile dysfunction. Some of them claim to be genuine products like Viagra, while others claim to be “natural” Viagra or safe, “herbal” treatment for erectile dysfunction. Many of the sites that say they sell real products like Viagra like to put Canadian flags all over their websites in hopes of making Americans comfortable enough to buy things from them.

Of course, these sites may be located anywhere in the world, and when you buy so-called prescription medications from them without a prescription, you can count on them being counterfeit. Not only are they unlikely to contain any of the active ingredient in the real product, they’re highly likely to contain ingredients like paint and drywall material – not stuff you want to be ingesting.

Bottom line: what are my options for safely obtaining real treatments for erectile dysfunction?

Millions of men simply obtain a prescription for Viagra, Cialis, or another prescription treatment for erectile dysfunction from their general practitioner or urologist, and drop it off at CVS like they would any prescription.

You also have safe online options for ordering prescription drugs, as long as these companies require that you have a prescription, and offer enough information on the provenance of their products (such as lot numbers or batch numbers) that you can trace them back to the actual manufacturer to be certain you’re getting the real product. Many men prefer the relative anonymity of ordering prescription medications for erectile dysfunction online, and it can be done safely and cost-effectively if you thoroughly research your options first.

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