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Can caffeine cause erectile dysfunction?

You’re not much of a morning person, and work starts at 8 o’clock sharp. This has lead to you developing a solid 2-cups of coffee a morning habit, with occasional extra cups as the day goes on. Also, you’ve been known to have a Coke with lunch, which means even more caffeine for your body to process. So you’re nice and wired, but you’ve heard rumors that too much caffeine can lead to complications downstairs. Is your dependence on coffee killing your erection?

Well, yes and no.

You see, despite extensive research, no direct link has been found between caffeine consumption and erectile dysfunction. Even if you’re averaging 10 cups of Joe a day, you’re not going to see your erection kick the bucket.

So you won’t see the caffeine directly affecting your erectile health. But that’s not to say that caffeine can’t lead to ED.

When consumed, caffeine causes the blood vessels to constrict, thus slowing blood flow. If you’re constantly consuming caffeine, this causes the blood vessels to be perpetually constricted. This blood vessel constriction can lead to hypertension and heart disease. Hypertension and heart disease can lead to, you guessed it, erectile dysfunction.

So while caffeine won’t directly cause you to lose your erection, it could lead to ED in a roundabout way.

Space out your coffee throughout the day, limit your caffeine intake, and cut down on sugary soft drinks, and you’ll be doing your blood vessels a big favor. When your blood vessels are okay, that means your erection is safe. And when your erection is safe, that means you’re happy.

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